New Authentication company to join Showmasters at this year's London Film & Comic Con

Showmasters Ltd are very excited to announce that we will be working with AutographCOA Authentication as our independent authentication service that will be present at London Film & Comic Con and beyond. We’ll be working with them for many years to help collectors authenticate the items they already own and to provide as service at Showmasters Events, so any autographs that are bought from our guests at the show can have a independent autograph authenticity company authenticate the item and ensure that it is 100% authentic and that will also help to increase the value of the item itself.

Showmasters has always been a pillar of the autograph hobby and has helped police the hobby for many decades, with a zero tolerance on forgeries. It was the first event company in the UK to have an on site independent authenticator live at the events and we have strived to help keep the hobby safe and fun for everyone.

AutographCOA Authentication was launched in 2017 by Justin Steffman, the creator of the Real Autograph Collectors Club (RACC), the leading online community of 10,000+ autograph collectors, enthusiasts, and fans worldwide. The ACOA authentication team and its expert network of experienced consultants have centuries of combined personal experience in the entertainment, music, and political autograph fields. With direct experience obtaining over 1,000,000 in person autographs during their careers and hobby pursuits, our team carefully examines every submission using our collective experience, direct knowledge and extensive exemplar pool.

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