Who is Showmasters Comic Con Autograph Shop?

Showmasters Events Ltd have been running signing events and comic cons for over 30 years. This shop is the place to buy autographs from past and future events.

How can I suggest a guest for a signing?

Please use the contact us form.

Please note that we are unable to reply to guest suggestions or comment on future guest booking until contracts are signed but we will take note of your suggestions and put them to the guest booking team.

What is a project?

A project is a multi-signed image where names will be added over a period of time. By getting one of these items, you are agreeing to purchase the project at the price upon completion.
The initial cost of the item listed is the price for buying into the project and securing your print. You can either wait until the project is completed and pay the full amount at the end or pay as you go to spread the cost.

What is a private signing?

While most of our signings occur at events that you can attend in person, we sometimes arrange for guests to sign at private events which are not open to the public.

What is an event pre-order?

If you are unable to attend an event in person or do not think that your time at the event will permit you to get a certain item signed, then you can use our pre-order service. For a small charge we will get your item signed for you and ship it out after the event has occurred.

How do I know the autograph is genuine?

All our signed items come with a Showmasters proof of signing hologram on the back.
Please note that if your send in item is already signed, the hologram will not be issued as we cannot confirm the authenticity of the previous signatures.
What is a Autographcoa Authentication?
The SWAU authentication team has decades of combined experience with hundreds of thousands of in person autographs. We work closely with them to ensure that if you would like that extra authentication it can be added to your order. https://auth.swau.com/

What is a Beckett Authentication?

Some items come with additional Beckett stickets who provide industry renown authenticity for your signed items. Since 1984, Beckett has been the industry standard for price guides, card grading, and now with the inception of BAS, autograph authentication.
World renowned autograph experts Steve Grad and Brian Sobrero bring their vast experience with autographs from all genres and eras to the forefront of BAS. They have authenticated some of the rarest and most valuable items in the industry, a testament to their level of expertise.

https://www.beckett-authentication.com/ *

Can I send in my own item for signing?
Yes, however this will depend on the individual signing event. Please see each listing to find out if this is available for the signing you are interested in. For more information on sending your own item in please follow this link.
If you already have my personal item and you announce more signers can I add it to my order?
Yes you can. You will need to select that it is already with us when you place your new order. It will charge you additional shipping but this will be refunded so you only pay once for having the item returned to you.

Can I drop an item off in person?

This will depend on the send in address for the signing. We have a team of people involved in delivering this service and as such the addresses can vary. If this is something you would like to do, it is by appointment only. Items will not be accepted in person if it has not been agreed in advance. Please email in to arrange an appointment.

Will I be notified if my send in item has arrived?

Due to the sheer volume of items we get sent we are not able to contact everyone upon delivery. The best way to send your items is via a tracked service which will notify you when the item has been delivered to us.

Can I choose which colour pen the item is signed in?

Where this is a possibility it will be highlighted in the order section. We do our best to get the guests to use the requested pen colour but it is not always possible.

What method of payments do you accept?

We take all major card payments, PayPal or Showmasters vouchers

Can I use my Showmasters vouchers in the shop?

Yes, you can use the Showmasters vouchers to make a payment in the shop. You just need to add your voucher code to the discount field in the cart or checkout menu and hit apply. This will then calculate your outstanding balance. In the event the voucher is less than the transaction amount you can complete using an additional payment method. If the voucher is more then the payment will be taken and any reamining balance will be yours to make future purchases. Please note that only one one voucher code can be entered at a time so if you need assistance with this please email shop@showmastersevents.com

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Can I collect my item from you at an event?

Unfortunately, due to the nature of our events and the tight schedule we are on for the large scale shows, it is not possible to collect items in person. They will be shipped to you after the event as this is the safest and most efficient way for all.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship all over the world. Shipping prices will reflect this. Please note that some areas may be subject to additional import fees in the destination country.

How much is shipping?

Shipping prices vary depending on where the item is being sent and the service you require. Please select the correct option for your item as part of the checkout process

How will my item be packaged?

This will depend on what the item is but we will ensure that it is packed securely and protected to arrive to you in the best possible condition

How long does shipping take?

Stock Items: If your item is in stock then we aim to pack within 10-14 working days. Please note that if you have requested an Beckett authentication on your item this will add additional shipping time to your order to allow the item to be certified. Items are passed to Beckett on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month and it can take them 10 working days once they have the item. 

Signing Events: If your item has not arrived by 14 days after the event then please contact us so we can review the tracking information.

We only have a limited amount of time in which to claim via Royal Mail so please report suspected missing items to us is a timely manner and relevant to your chosen shipping method.

Please note that due to current COVID restrictions this is impacting postal services globally.

Can I combine shipping on my orders?

For autographs already in stock and on sale it's not possible to combine shipping across different transactions.

For private signings and event pre-orders it is possible to combine shipping costs. All items will be shipped together once the event has occurred. It is only possible to do this per event though. For example you would not be able to combine shipping for Cardiff Film & Comic Con items with Glasgow Film & Comic Con.

Why wasn’t my dedication or quote added to the image?

There are several factors that could result in your dedication or quote not being added to your image. Unfortunately, these are out of our control and while every effort will be made to fulfil your request, we cannot guarantee it. If this should happen then you will get a refund for the dedication fee.

Why was the image different to the one I selected?

We always try to supply the image shown in the shop but from time to time we must change the image used.
This can be for several reasons but we will always try and get it from within the same genre e.g. if you were to order a Nat Tena on a Game of Thrones image we would not send a Harry Potter image

What happens if a guest cancels?

All our guests appear subject to work commitments and mitigating circumstances. If a guest is unable to attend then we endeavor to reschedule and your item will be signed then. Should they cancel their appearance or signing completely, then you will receive a full refund for the price of the autograph.

If you have sent an item in for signing this will be returned to you after the original date of the event. You will get a refund for the autograph but as we must return the item to you, postage will not be refunded.

Can we check what a refund is for?

Any refunds will be accompanied by an automatically generated email via the shop. All guest cancellations are announced on the event website.

How often is stock updated?

We will be adding new lines to the shop throughout the year.

How can I stay up to date on your events?

keep up to date on our social media page
Showmasters Events Facebook Page

My question is not answered above, how do I contact you?

Please use the contact us form

How long do emails take to be replied to?

We try and answer all email queries within 48 hours (Monday to Friday) however this may be slightly longer during event times.