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Welcome to Showmasters and Massive Events Autograph Pre-Orders

We aim to offer a service for those of you who cannot attend the signing events or conventions so that you can still purchase autographs from any of the guests that attend the events.

What better way to prove the authenticity when purchasing your autographs straight from the source


Latest Additions

 Jeremy Bulloch Signing now Live  



Good Morning All (6th dec)

I am away until saturday 8th decemeber. If your UK and not received your filmfair or Jeremy items by monday please email me. 

I'm collecting Dortmund and Berlin pre orders today. These will ship on monday 10th dec. 

Shops will go live next week for 2019 events. 

ANY other issues please email me and I will catch up over the weekend when I return.  











Delivery times

Going forward in 2018 we aim for a faster turnaround. Regional shows and Private signings should be shipped within 7 working days. Please allow 10 working days before contacting if we have back to back shows/signings.

Private signings that I do not attend but my London based partner does the items will be sent within 1 week of items getting to me but again the aim is 1 week

LFCC all items will ship within 10 to 15 working days of the show ending. Please do not email asking about your item until the 15 working days are up. 

Shows outside of the UK please allow 10 to 14 days. 


If you need to email us

If you email me them please provide the following:

NAME on order

ADDRESS on order and 

CLEARLY list what you are waiting on. Please do not email saying, Hi I'm waiting on my order, Thanks. 

No emails will be replied to when we are at a show (friday-monday) . 

When ordering there have been a few updates to the shipping options. You now have the option to insure up to £50 or £500, this insurance only covers the value of your orderm that is all that can be claimed back via the post office, 

Orders outside of europe, all orders are covered for £30, if you want to insure your item for more then please email. This amount will be added to the customs note and any import charges that occur will be paid by the customer and not showmasters. 

If an item gets lost or damaged, you are only covered to the postage insurance you selected. so if you pay £3.50 if covers you to up to £50 (UK customers) 


 Please follow these instructions if sending your own item. 

You MUST follow these simply send in instructions. 

Your item MUST have a label on the reverse for who it belongs to. 

You MUST add a post it note to the front of your item if you want it signed in a particular place/Colour or Inscription. 

A simply post it note saying TO BOB in silver and an arrow pointing to where solves 99% of problems. 

If your sending a toploader or star case etc you need to label that in your name also, to make sure it gets returned to you. 

IMPORTANT, if your sending an item in a toploader or trading card case etc then make sure you label THE ITEM with the signing instructions. Most people label the toploader, thats not being signed, the item inside is. 

Labels must be attached to items not toploaders etc

We no longer accept home ink jet style photo prints, if your not sure what I mean, put a post if note to the front of your print and if you struggle to get it off thats what you have. More and more people are buying these off ebay etc and sharpie ink does not sink into the paper, it basically rubs off if you touch it. 

When you order please add in the description what you are sending and who is signing it. 

If your item turns up unlabeled it will delay the shipping of your item back to you. Unlabelled items get sent last. 

Please add a sender address to your envelope/tube etc. 

If you send your item in a heavy bomb proof box/tube and it weighs more then the standard shipping cost or size, you will be required to pay the excess shipping before your item is sent to you.  Poster Tubes longer then 72cm will cost more to ship outside the UK, US fans take note, triangle boxes are classed as boxes in the UK and cost a LOT more to ship back, you will need to pay this before it gets returned. I can fed ex/express tubes back and the prices are not crazy, please ask. (I advise it on multi signed posters and it takes 3 days to deliver) 

YOU MUST pay extra for dedications and quotes. Dedications/quotes and character names are not guarenteed and down to the signer on the day. If you pay for a quote or dedication and they are not completed you will be refunded the dedication/quote fee. If you don't pay for the dedication it won't be done. YOU MUST STATE WHAT QUOTE YOU WANT. IF YOU DON'T IT DOESN'T GET DONE. PLEASE DO NOT PUT, PLEASE ADD QUOTE.

If you want your items shipped with a current outstanding order please state that in the comments box when ordering, if you don't and we send your previous order then you will be requested to pay for shipping for your new order before it is completed.  You must state what order No you want to combine shipping with or you will be billed extra shipping. 



Send in address is

Showmasters Pre Orders (NAME OF SHOW ITEM IS FOR)

8 Heol Gwynno







The most important bit, you MUST tick gift and mark a low value on the customs note as YOU are lieable for all import costs. It says this below but I'm making it clear. Your items won't be returned until that is paid. If the bill comes before the show, the bill has to be paid before your items get signed. Failure for items to arrive on time may result in show images being provided instead of your items being signed. 


I'm more then flexable and if you are late sending for whatever reason but please drop me an email if you think your item will arrive late.



Terms and Conditions________________________

Please note there will be a standard charge of £5 added to each show price for all autographs, and an extra £5 added if you wish to have your item dedicated. If the guests are particularly busy the show may take the option to stop guests dedicating items, if so your item will still be signed and you will be refunded the £5. 

We will do out best to get dedications done, but from time to time this may not be possible due to time constraints, queues etc. If we are unable to get your item dedicated we will refund the £5 charge and send you an undedicated item. The same goes for quotes, if we have a lot for the guest or they are busy they will not be done. If requesting a quote keep it short to give you a better chance of having it done. 

If we are unable to get your item signed for whatever reason you will be refunded after the show. 

We always try to use the images that we advertise on here, sometimes that is not always possible, however if you order a guest who is in Game of Thrones and Dr Who and you order a Game of Thrones Photo we will try to send a Game of thrones photo. This tends to be an issue in the European shows as we don't know what is printed until we get there. 

 If your item comes back return to sender, you will have to pay postage again to have the items resent. If you are not carded by your postman that is an issue to take up with your local post office. 


Whilst every effort will be taken to take great care of all your personal items, all personal items are sent in at the owners own risk; Showmasters and Massive Events do not accept any liability for any loss or damage caused in any way. 

If you are sending your own image for signing the guest has the right to refuse to sign it if they think its inappropriate. No nude or topless images will be accepted, if the guest refuses to sign a show image will be selected as a replacement. Showmasters are not responsible for any damage occured during shipping to or from us. We aim to get each item signed as requested but cannot guarentee it. 


1st class recorded signed for at a cost of £3.50 per order (this insures up to £50)

Special delivery £8 (this insures up to £500)

Outside of the uk - International (10x8s or smaller) signed for at a cost of £9.50

No matter how many items you buy you only pay the one postage price per order as long as they can be shipped as one parcel. 

If you have ordered autographs from different events your items will be posted out after the last event you ordered autographs from..

All items are shipped in heavy weight mailers with envelope stiffners. We aim to ship as fast as possible but constant emails after a show really slow the process down,

Please note the new send in address

Showmasters Pre Orders


8 Heol Gwynno




Please be aware if any import duties arrive with your send in item you are resonsible for all charges occurred,