Craig Els Pre-order G2023

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This is a pre-order item and so will be dispatched after the event (Gallifrey One LA, USA 17-19th feb 2023)

Guests are scheduled to appear subject to work commitments and may need to change dates. In this instant any pre-orders will carry over to the new dates unless otherwise specified when announced.

All orders must be placed by, 6pm Monday 30th January. No orders will be accepted after this time. This show is in the US so we have to close earlier then we would a show in the UK

Items will ship within 21 working days of the event ending. If you select Beckett to be added to your item this can add up to 10 working days. The shipping time is longer as the show is in the US

Should a Guest postpone to another date, your order will automatically move to the new date and you do not need to do anything.